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Poland is a great country, and it has lots of diving sites to visit. At Dive Supreme we offer great diving experience without draining your bank account. Please have a look at our offer and feel free to ask any questions you might have. Packages are flexible so if you don’t find anything suiting your needs just drop us few lines and we’ll come back to you with customized options. All prices shown are per person, in EUR and include local VAT.

Recreational diving

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Quarry "Koparki" (eng. "Excavators") - features 2 full-sized excavators, shipwreck and many post-industrial constructions underwater, making it a perfect place for training, camera sessions or night dives

Not even an hour from Pyrzowice airport

Accomodation within walking distance from the quarry

Great visibility all around the year

Maximum depth: 18m

Łagów Lubuski, Lake Ciecz (Trześniowskie), the pearl of Lubusz district, a perfect place for camera-hunting, boasting crystal clear waters with breathtaking views of underwater life

A great place for quick city-break or family relax, but don't be fooled - the lake can take you deeper than 50m so even a tekkie will find a suitable challenge!

Non-divers on board? Don't worry, when you're underwater they will enjoy water bikes, boats, kayaks, street food or simply walking in a beautiful scenery

Great place for recreational diving, specialty training or underwater video sessions

Kraków, Zakrzówek quarry, one of the best diving sites in Poland offering unbeaten beauty of underwater rocks, turquoise water and numerous attractions (plane wreck, ship wreck, sailboat wreck, bus, cars, platforms etc.) that can be easily combined with visiting the most beautiful polish city

Just a quarter away from Balice International airport

Almost 30m deep, is a perfect place for advanced training or simply great diving experience

The diving base offers everything you need including gas refilling, equipment rental, parking lot and even some food for those with great appetite!

A "must see" for any diver visiting Poland!

Zimnik - diving Mekka of the Lower Silesia region 🙂 Its dark rocks and underwater traverses attract divers from all over the country

Zimnik is 30m deep which makes it a perfect place for advanced training

Tired after diving? So, stretch your legs and take a deep breath, if you're lucky you can see a sunset like this!

Diving insurance? Yes, please!

Even though we provide highest safety standards, diving is a dangerous sport and not everything can be predicted. Therefore we highly recommend buying special insurance plan that might help cover any cost that may arise in case of diving emergency. Please check eg. DAN website for further information on insurance plans.

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